Gabriele Amore‎ gives us a glimpse at all of his unfinished ZX Spectrum projects

Gabriele Amore is certainly no stranger to us and the homebrew scene, as throughout the months he has released many brilliant ZX Spectrum games that range from highly challenging to pick up and play for all the family. But not of all his games that he has teased gets a release, as today Gabriele Amore has shown off all the ZX Spectrum games that remain unfinished. Which is a huge shame as can be seen by the video below, many look very good indeed.

His games are also not of the same genre either, he doesn't just do platformers, as in the first game it's a shoot em up, and then later on you'll even get to see a Pacman like clone. Each one developed in that Gabriele style, with bright in your face colours and charming cartoon character like animations. So lets give Gabriele that nudge shall we? We WANT to see these games finished :)

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