Space Junk - Miguetelo Art's new ZX Spectrum game with music by David Saphier

As it's the 35th birthday of the ZX Spectrum and we've already mentioned the ZX Spectrum BASIC Jam earlier today, how about playing a new game by Miguetelo Art, with music coded by David Saphier, called ' Space Junk '! This is a brand new game released recently that was made with AGD and features your very own space ship in which you need to clear the level from all the space junk

Space Junk is a very simplistic game with a space ship at your command and all you need to do is move around the maze like level, shooting at each of the flashing space junks until there is none left. The only thing standing in your way are the enemies, which not only move in different patterns but can be a thorn in your side if they move fast enough. And that's pretty much the core of the game, but even though I do like the graphics and the music is fantastic, the control scheme sucks. Yes that sounds harsh, but in this game if you think your facing right and you move right, suddenly your ship faces upwards or any direction it feels like, and this goes throughout the other movements as well

Which not only proves difficult to face in the right direction such as in the screen shot above to blast away space junk, but if an enemy comes towards you, your ship may suddenly once again face the wrong bloody way. Now maybe this is the point of the game, but for me I found it frustrating and I was put off by just level 2. Still if you find a way to avoid this or maybe it's a bug in my emulation, you may just enjoy it!

Links : 1) Download 2) Source

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