LIMBO C64 - A modern indie C64 port reveal as a WIP Christmas treat!

We haven't featured this work in progress C64 game lately, but you'll be pleased to know the modern indie game ' Limbo ' as a C64 game, has been teased again but this time with a rather special reveal trailer as a Christmas treat. What was originally a proof of concept by the creator Søren Trautner Madsen and backing of Playdead, looks to be going into a long term project, with the dark backgrounds and horror overtone kept intact, so yes the BIG spider is there!

According to the creator this latest reveal trailer shows actual gameplay with sections zoomed in for more revealing interest, however he has gone on to say not to get your hopes up too high for a release any time soon as he is working full time on Playdeads next project.

PS - It isn't fake :)

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