Golden Hornet - Colourful retro blasting inspiration gets a Steam release

With Christmas fast approaching I thought it best to mention a rather fun looking game to play through the festive period and beyond that had appeared on Steam with a retro inspiration to that of 'Choplifter', 'Fort Apocalypse' and Stern Electronics' arcade game 'Rescue'. Titled as Golden Hornet and developed by Hijong Park, this game is a twin stick shooter which puts you in control of a helicopter to rescue hostages from the North Videl army.

Golden Hornet will keep you hooked through both a campaign mode of level exploration, hostage rescue,
cool retro aesthetics with lots of blasting action through 8 tough chapters. Or if you fancy playing it as an Arcade game, there's a mode for that too, you must save as many hostages as possible, and get the highest score you can achieve!

Links : 1) Steam

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