RetroGameDev Space Shooter Preview - Lets get blasting in this C64 game!

Once again we look towards Saberman for some of our updates as we've also been told of a C64 game preview that has since been trainered by Laxity. Titled as ' RetroGameDev Space Shooter Preview ', this tutorial game was apparently released via a book and gave readers the opportunity to extended it and make it better than the provided tutorial. Contained within is the tutorial version and a reader extended version.

Looking like a mash up of Space Invaders and other wave blasting games, RetroGameDev Space Shooter Preview isn't too bad actually for a short evening worth of ship destruction. It's easy to control, there's plenty of entertainment to be had, it's challenging enough dodging bullets and it contains a soundtrack from another well known game ( Can you name it? ;) ).

Links : 1) Source 2) CSDb

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