Wonderboy - A fan game based on a classic as alpha for the Amiga

A long time ago at the Arcades, I used to love playing the fantastic platformer ' Wonder Boy ' designed by Ryuichi Nishizawa. It started its life as a skateboard rock jumping and axe bashing platformer, that later became the great adventure platformer with RPG elements known as ' Wonderboy in Monster Land '. Both of these games have lived on in the hearts of many, and as such, one fan is developing his own Wonderboy game but this time for the Amiga.

First teased on the AmigaWave Facebook group and then personally shared to us by Per Ola Eriksson and Zbigniew 'Saberman' ZieliƄski. Wonderboy is being developed by Javier Alcaniz as the first game teased with this new alpha engine that may be used for future games. Sadly however even though the game is available to download and play it's far from complete and does suffer from graphical corruption.

Links : 1) Facebook 2) Download

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