Fire Breath & Little Knight Arthur - Upcoming C64 games through ka-plus magazine

Don't worry C64 owners we haven't forgotten you, as just moments ago we were told through our Game Dev :RetroGaming group that ka-plus magazine will soon be publishing multiple C64 games Fire Breath, Little Knight Arthur, and Valkyrie – a SEUCK Trilogy as tape based releases, which can be pre-ordered through their website and due to be delivered before Christmas 2018.

Little Knight Arthur

Although both Fire Breath and Little Knight Arthur has been fully featured before on Indie Retro News, with Fire Breath having a story of recovery, sitting in an attic for 26 years and inspired by my two favourite games Bubble Bobble and Creatures. We will mention the fact that as of this Christmas you'll be able to play both of these games as fully taped based versions, with Fire Breath updated with a proper ending, additional levels, control improvements, a skippable intro and lots of bug fixes!

For those of you who don't like platformers or just want even more games in your collection, you also be interested to know ka-plus magazine will be publishing to tape, the Valkyrie – a SEUCK Trilogy. Which as the site notes, all of the games in this series have been awarded in the annual SEUCK contests, with each iteration of the Valkyrie series Eleanor Burns was able to add some more enhancements and uncommon solutions into the schematic shoot’em up genre.

Links :1) Source 2) Fire Breath Review 3) Little Knight Arthur Review

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