C64 GOTY Winner Announcement!

2018 was such a great year for C64, and I'm sure it'll keep getting better in 2019. Recently we published a fab list of game releases both physical and download games, and the list is crammed full of awesome games. In the article I published my list of nominees for Game of the Year, and last week I announced the winner live on Twitch.

Here's a reminder of the nominees:
  • MAH (Retream / RGCD & Protovision)
  • Hunters Moon Remastered (Thalamus) 
  • Pains n’ Aches (Psytronik) 
  • Shadow Switcher (Dr. Wuro) 
  • Space Moguls (Protovision)
  • Steel Ranger (Psytronik) 

Winner 2018 GOTY: 

Steel Ranger (Psytronik)

It was fierce competition, but for me, Steel Ranger just edged ahead. It's an awesome Turrican style run and gun, with top class game mechanics and a modern AAA game feel.  Fab graphics, smooth scrolling, huge levels, boss battles and metroid-like power ups.  Lasse Öörni did a top class job on the coding, graphics and music, the box art from Trevor Storey and packaging from Psytronik screams quality.

Congratulations to the team and Psytronik for Steel Ranger, and to all the nominees and devs and artists creating games for the best retro system of all time!

Below are links to get all the nominated games.

Also tonight I'll be stress testing my brand new Ultimate64 built live on stream on Wednesday... Join chat, request a game and I'll play all of them to really put the brand new C64 mobo to the test! Join from 8PM GMT!

Happy C64 gaming!

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