Phantomas 2.0 - Upcoming overhaul for the Amstrad CPC due Friday 1st Feb!

In 1986 Dinamic Software released the Spanish game of ' Phantomas 2 ' for the Amstrad CPC, C64, ZX Spectrum and later the MSX with an international release name through Codemasters under the title of ' Vampire '. This rather creepy game with a mix of adventuring and platforming containing many different screens, placed you inside the castle of Count Dracula on a quest to kill the monster while avoiding deadly traps. So why are we mentioning this game you might ask? Well this game is coming back but this time as a remake for the Amstrad CPC thanks to Jordi Sureda and Santiago Ontanon which is due to be released on Friday as ' Phantomas 2.0 '

Phantomas 2.0 will be remade from the ground up and look far better than the original game which looked more like a ZX Spectrum release than what the Amstrad could achieve if it was developed solely for that platform. As such Phantomas 2 will be developed using mode 0 which will show off a much better amount of colours and overall detail, as well as improved gameplay and controls, smooth movement at 25hz, a huge amount of screens 85 infact!, an unprecedented soundtrack in CPC, with 3 different melodies, for the 3 map areas, and all of this working on a CPC 464 (64KB)

- Thanks ReadyandPlay for the heads up news.

Links :1) Website 2) Friday 01/02/2019 Release

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