Parallaxian - A C64 game Kickstarter that aims to push the machine to its limits!

The C64 is certainly in high spirits this month, with fabulous games mentioned such as Robots Rumble, Doc Cosmos 2, Winterdane, and Parasol Stars C64 to name but some of the games highlighted on IRN. But one such game we haven't yet mentioned until now and is aiming for a  Kickstarter C64 success, is Jonathan Woods 'Parallaxian'; A stunning "next generation" shoot-em-up-bomb-em-up game for the Commodore 64 that is aiming to hit that lofty £12,500 goal!

Yes indeed it's another C64 Kickstarter, but unlike many games mentioned where it's all about the gameplay and big brash boxes. The developer is aiming for a little more to pull your pledges in with a game that is a technologically advanced, bar-raising game for the Commodore 64 featuring graphical and coding techniques never before seen on any game for the platform". I mean seriously check out the features below!
  • Extensive deployment of non-standard colours using a combination of old and new colour-blending methodologies as part of its Luma-Driven Graphics design approach, producing smooth hues never before seen on a C64 game.
  • Horizontally parallaxed landscapes on each of 5 scenic levels, with the bi-directional scrolling governed by inertia effects - also a first for a parallaxed landscape C64 game.
  • A wow-factor vertical parallax effect within the horizontal parallax scrolling to add more responsiveness and immersiveness to the game and impart a 16-bit / console flavour to proceedings - yet again, a first on the C64 and something never even done on the Amiga!
  • High frequency SFX player to accommodate fast laser sound effects, plus other high level audio effects.

So now the main highlighted features are out the way and you're expecting a game here! Will be pleased to know Parallaxian looks to be an enjoyable side scrolling blasting game, with a mission to visit a multitude of different micro themed to find and neutralise the enemy HQ. So basically lots of flying about, wiping out of enemy forces both airborne and on the ground, and the aim to reclaim territoy with an end goal to finally blow up the enemy HQ with a mighty swooped bomb drop!

- For further details make sure to check out the Kickstarter link below.

Links :1) Kickstarter 

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