Small Saga - Charming mouse game aims for a Kickstarter success

Not many RPG's have mice and their compatriots as the main characters for an RPG and this one has them set in the sewers of London so in fact has two points not seen in many (any?) other RPG's but Jeremy Noghani has started work on exactly that. With well drawn visuals and a thoughtful story, Jeremy hopes to raise £33000 to allow him to complete the project full time.

Jeremy has allowed enough backer money to cover living costs while he works on the game alongside the hidden costs and unforseen pitfalls of running a kickstarter campaign. The character drawings are sublime, and animation is smooth and realistic. Jeremy has really locked down the style, and there's even a playable demo for you to try before hitting the support button on the KS page.

If this looks like its your bag, then go throw money at your screen the kickstarter campaign here: 1) 2) main developer website:


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