Athanor 2 - The Legend Of The Birdmen - A new adventure game coming to the Amiga!

If you're bored of hearing about action games and platformers then listen up, as we've just found out Safar Games will be bringing the text based adventure game ' Athanor 2 - The Legend of the Birdmen ' , to the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga with the game being programmed in C. This game that is currently being shown in French, is the sequel to the 2015-2016 game 'Athanor' that was also released on the Amstrad CPC, ORIC and yes even the C64.

Although the preview footage above is currently in French and previewed on the Amiga ( Atari ST footage also available ). Athanor 2 will not only feature a typical 80's style North, South, East command interface of adventure games of old, but from what we can tell unlike the first game, will also feature full mouse control, and enriched dialogues and phases of gameplay. As for the team behind this upcoming game, they are....François Gutherz (Atari ST Graphs), Angel Bautista (Illustrations) and Hervé Monchatre (Music).

Detailed Info :
  • The video shows the game running directly on the scenario data of the ATARI ST version. All the data are massaged in Python and reinjected in the C project. 
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  • The graphics (GUI & sceneries) are in 32 colors specifically converted to the Amiga OCS. The sprites are (temporarilly) untouched bitmaps of the ATARI ST version. 
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  • This video shows the first basic routine to handle the game inventory. The player can grab objects, they are added to the inventory. If an object is in the inventory it is considered to be in the hand of the player, thus simplifying greatly the game's puzzles. This is temporary as well. 
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  • Some of the texts are not the correct one, for some reasons yet to be investigated ^^;
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