Armortale - A lovely looking platformer gets a PC release

If you want to play a new platformer that not only looks charming, but has plenty of enemies and challenges to be had, then as of this moment you can finally play the latest release of 'Armortale' by rpg2heaven, which is available to buy on Steam. Armortale is an up-tempo action platformer set in a magical fantasy world. Embark on an adventure to find the 4 magic armor sets and stop 2 prison-escaped demon baby foxes from terrorizing the kingdom.

As noted by the Steam page : The game features 4 mystical armour sets affecting your own abilities, over 10 unique locations and a detailed world map, a not so typical witch, baby foxes (aww cute!), crows and seagulls, unique bosses, original artwork and soundtrack, and finally customizable keys and extra challenges for Speedrunners all for less than a fiver!

Links :1) Steam 

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