M.KID - An upcoming Amiga game from S0YS0Y gets a demo

Another Amiga game featured and another heads up from Saberman, is the upcoming Amiga game 'M.Kid' from S0YS0Y. This game which was announced back in June, is a new platformer that was not only developed using the RedPill Amiga Game Creator, but is also a conversion/port of the MSX2 game of the same name that was mentioned as being unreleased way back in 1995. In light of this news, the creator has released an early beta demo of which you can download below.

Although no story or further game information has been mentioned so far, from what we can see in the gameplay video above, is the game not only features smooth scrolling, items to collect, nasty traps such as spikes and deadly enemies, but also in game sound and music with a number of nods to both the Lost Vikings and Super Mario.

- 64 colors version: 1 Mb chipram + 020. Recommended: 030-50 MHz. Best: 040 or 060. The Very Best: WinUAE
- 256 colors version: AGA + 060. Recommended: WinUAE

Links :1) Download

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