Verge World Icarus Rising - An unusual WIP Amiga game gets a tech demo tease

Once again Saberman has contacted us, as he has told us Retro Bones Games have released some more teaser footage of their upcoming game' Verge World - Icarus Rising '; a rather unusual looking game that's coming to the Amiga, in which you play as Nix, a smuggler on a dry desert planet. What makes this game stand out compared to other titles we've mentioned, is the fact the game is not only being played in a third person perspective, but may be using open Fractal or Voxels. Something we rarely see in Amiga games, but have a number of times in scene demos.

In terms of the requirements of the game as it is still early days. The developer(s) behind the game have said it should work on any Amiga and is planned to full use of better CPU and hardware.... As for the footage above, it's the very first time we've seen the story, heard the music, and the graphics between each flying stage, but do be aware however, to some it may look awful (we've seen the comments) but it's still an early alpha.

Links: 1) Facebook (Demo soon?)

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