Skatemasta Tcheco - NES style Adventure out now on Steam!

Tcheco is back! Last time we saw Tcheco was in the game Tcheco in the Castle of Lucioand but this time he brought his skateboard in a new auto-scrolling 8-bit Nes style adventure created by Marcelo Barbosa. Skatemasta Tcheco is all about quick reflexes and muscle memory as you skate around and jump between platforms and avoiding obstacles. The game does not only looks like an old Nes game, it has the same feeling with simple controls and without any tutorials you just press one of the two buttons to jump into the game for some retrogaming action!

The levels are auto-scrolling and you have to have quick reflexes jumping and dashing around avoiding the many different enemies while at the same time trying to land on the many kinds of platforms that move, change size and disappear and on top of that there are boss fights. It kind of feels like Circus Charlie on drugs in Adventure Island thrown in a blender with the rug ride level from Aladdin!

And to get some more retrogaming feel to the game you have the option to activate Ntsc filter, pixel smoothing, scanlines and four different aspect ratio settings.

Skatemasta Tcheco is available now on steam for just $1.99

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