Altered Beast - A classic Arcade beat em up as a fan game reaches final!

If you are a retro gamer, chances are you would've heard or atleast played the 1988 classic Arcade game of Altered Beast by Sega which appeared on multiple systems including the Sega Mega Drive. Well if you do remember it, you'll be interested to know LucasCCBJogos has now released the final version of his fan game which is complete with new modes, new enemy sprites and much much more.

Developed using Construct 2, the developer has said the game contains 3 different modes to play such as a Normal Mode, a Hard Mode and a Battle Mode. The Normal Mode has 5 levels with original game graphics but totally improved with new enemy and boss sprites. The Hardest Mode, a totally different version with 5 levels with new enemy graphics and different Bosses, and finally the "Battle Mode" which is a new version that tells the story, the wizard Neff fleeing to an alternative world and you must face off against bosses one after another.

The game is available for Android, Play Online Direct, Windows, Linux and MacOS!

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