We’ve played Fix It Felix Jr. for the C64 and it’s Smashing!

Anotonio Savona announced today that he is putting the finishing touches to the brand new C64 version of "Fix It Felix Jr". This is a 4th unofficial port of the arcade game which was inspired by the 2012 Disney motion picture: Wreck-it-Ralph. Other ports have been made for the SEGA Megadrive, Flash, and the Atari 2600.

The game itself is inspired by early 1980s arcade classics like Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Jr. You play as Fix-it-Felix, who’s tasked with repairing the damage to high-rise apartment complex: Nice Land, which is built on top of Wreck-it-Ralph’s stump at the start of each game. Wreck-it-Ralph is out for revenge, and is smashing up Nice-Land, while the residents are inside. As you repair the damage caused by Ralph on each level, he’ll ascend the apartment complex and cause more damage, which you must repair. You’ll meet other obstacles, enemies to hinder your progress, and be given food by residents to help you.

Fix-it-Felix Jr. for the C64 features Bitmap mode in-game-graphics, Up to 24 sprites on screen,  powerups, multiple speech samples (it is an Antonio Savona game after all), responsive controls and outstanding arcade style gameplay.

Many thanks to Antonio Savona, and the Chopper Command Team (Steven Day, Antonio Savona & Saul Cross) for providing us with a beta version, and if you want to see the game for yourself, ask questions to the Development team, and help Beta test the game live - please tune into my Twitch channel tomorrow. (see below for the details).  The game fits into a single PRG so that a single load cassette version is possible, and is expected to be completed within the next 2-4 weeks.

Posted by @hayesmaker.

I’ll be playing the game live on Twitch tomorrow evening:
Wednesday, April 15th from 6PM UTC/GMT (7PM UK Time) at https://twitch.tv/hayesmaker64

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