Naddando - A seriously cool C64 SEUCK game by Commodore Spain

Here on Indie Retro News we've featured so many SEUCK based games, we even thought of renaming the website as an April Fools joke. The problem however is while some are very good, there's a vast majority out there that are pretty tedious and generally don't get much in the way of favorable response. Thankfully the latest release by Commodore Spain is one of those 'Good' games, as if you give their new game a try called ' Naddando ' i'm sure you'll agree it's pretty half decent.

As noted by the description : Naddando is a game inspired by the great C64 classic Commando, a new game in honour of that particular classic on its 35th anniversary.  Furthermore not only is this latest game created by Commodore Spain regarded as a shooter in an aquatic environment, but it also has nods to other games like Rambo Part II or Ikari Warriors within the limitations of the used engine created for this particular game....

So yes a rather fine looking SEUCK C64 release that I'm sure you'll enjoy!

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