Space Invaders Amiga - An Arcade homebrew version of Space Invaders for the Commodore Amiga

I'm sure many of you remember Space Invaders, a game that was first released way back in 1978 in the Arcades in Japan with a further release made available in the United States and a much later version in the 1980's on the Atari 2600.  Well if you do remember it, or more especially its clones and inspired games, then you might be interested to know that as of this Christmas you can now play Havie's latest game of Space Invaders Amiga; A new Blitz Basic developed game with the intention of being as close to the original Arcade classic as possible.

Space Invaders by Havie comes as a highly recommended download for anyone who wants to relive the classic Arcade game on your Commodore Amiga. Sure it might not have fancy graphics, or new modes and effects, but this version doesn't need it! As when you play this game blasting enemy waves moving in a particular pattern which need to be defeated before they reach your ship, it will feel like your back in the 70's!

Links :1) Source (Reporting Bugs) 2) Download 3) Mirror

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