Low cost Vampire Raptor 1200 accelerator is on the way and we are excited!

Chances are if you have an Amiga 500, you'll be looking out for the PiStorm, an adapter board intended to be paired with a Raspberry Pi Model 3A which offers additional features, like fast graphics acceleration, SCSI disk emulation, and the ability to run whatever Kickstart ROM you so desire. But for those of you with an Amiga 1200, you'll need to look elsewhere for your acceleration power house, but rather than the long wait times and high cost of a Vampire accelerator, then the Vampire Raptor 1200 Accelerator might just the piece of hardware your Amiga 1200 thanks you for (and so does your wallet)

Yes indeed this has got us excited here at Indie Retro News, as trawling through the Commodore Amiga Facebook group, we've just found out through Manuel Jesus that a new low cost Vampire Raptor 1200 accelerator is on the way acting as a 68080 CPU, FPU, and 128 MEGS RAM. For those of you who want more information, all we know is that has been mentioned so far via Manuel Jesus is "it is not as cheap as an A1200 ram card but cheaper than current Vampire cards, will ship with ApolloOS rom but it will have a flashrom function that allows you to flash your fav 3.x rom, and finally will not have HDMI"

Sadly that's we all know so far, but while we wait for further information head on over to the Facebook discussion thread located (here) and let us know what you think!

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