Space Panic - A brilliant Arcade game arrives on the C64 via Karmic

Another great C64 game has appeared in our inbox, as thanks to Saberman who contacted us via Facebook, we now know you can download the latest Arcade conversion of the 1980's Arcade game of 'Space Panic'; A game which originally was noted as one of the first games involving climbing ladders between walkable platforms and has gaming elements which some would class as a Lode Runner ie digging and trapping all the enemies to move onto the next level.

As noted by the wikpedia for this classic game which also appeared on the ColecoVision in 1983: The main character can move along platforms and climb the ladders between them. The goal is to dig holes in the platforms and lure aliens into them. Hitting a trapped alien with the shovel knocks them out of the hole and off the screen. In later levels, two or more holes must be lined up vertically in order to dispose of stronger aliens. Just be aware time is limited, as you only have enough Oxygen to survive the level!

Links :1) Source 2) Download (CSDB C64 Fun Compo 2021) 3) Source Code

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