Arctic Moves - Gun blasting platformer from the PC is possibly coming to the Amstrad CPC!

Another great Amstrad news story for you all, as if you remember playing the 1995 PC Game of 'Artic Moves', which was also later released on the Atari ST and as a port to the Amiga in 2017 by meynaf, will be pleased to learn that Retrobytes Productions is developing a new Amstrad game which based on that very same classic. Although details are very sparse at this time, to coincide with this new update thanks to XeNoMoRPH sending us the heads up, the team behind the game have teased a new video showing the intro.

Video Link for Mobile Users

According to the wikipedia for this game : Arctic Moves is a 2-dimensional action-adventure game shooter game being the third chapter of the Moves Trilogy and followed by Army Moves in 1986 and Navy Moves in 1987. The game was developed by Dinamic Software and designed to be published for the Atari ST, but that version was not released due to Dinamic's Software bankruptcy (1992), later developed and released by Luis Mariano Garcia.... So watch this space Amstrad owners, as when we get more updates for the game including game play, we will let you know here on Indie Retro News!

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