SHOVEL ADVENTURE - A high quality Arcade game released for the Amstrad CPC by Pat Morita Team!

Great news if you have an Amstrad CPC, as thanks to another heads up from XeNoMoRPH, we've been told that Pat Morita Team who behind games such as Vampire Slayer and Ninjakul 2, has released the high quality Amstrad game of 'SHOVEL ADVENTURE'; An Arcade game in which you play as Johnny Pallas, the legendary archeologist of Utrera on a personal quest to search the Pharaom Lholha Flowers' chamber and uncover the mysteries of ancient Egypt!

Trailer Link for Mobile Users

Not only do you have to enter the big pyramid to find all the gems before the time is over, but once you've unearthed all the gems throughout each of the 40 levels, you can take the Ankh and the next chamber will be open. The game features high quality 8bit graphics, challenging gameplay throughout, lots of enemies to avoid such as mummies, smooth frame rates, a great soundtrack, and finally of this developed for the CPC Retrodev 2021!

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