Briley Witch Chronicles - A C64 Japanese inspired RPG HIT from Sarah Jane Avory is coming to the Amiga

As many of you know by now the ex-SEGA game developer and author: Sarah Jane Avory had released a fabulous Japanese styled RPG for the C64 called ' Briley Witch Chronicles ', a game which not only featured a great story, but also the ability talk to people, watch cutscenes, spend lots of time with your pet cat, fight in a turn based combat system, and traverse through hours and hours worth of gameplay. 

Well at some point in the near future it will be time for the Amiga to get in on the fun, as just moments ago through her Twitter page, Sarah Jane Avory announced that she has begun to port C64 Briley Witch Chronicles code over to the Amiga. So yes if it is anything like the C64 version but with improvements using the capabilities of the Amiga hardware, it's sure to be another fantastic release from Sarah!-Sadly that's all we have for you for now, but make sure to check her twitter page found (here)

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