Super Mario Bros. S - A collaborative fan game available as a download or browser play

I have always had a soft spot for Super Mario Bros, ever since I first played it as a kid all those years ago in America on the NES. Its one of those timeless games that you never can get tired of. Its super simple to learn and control for new players and the gameplay is also simple but at the same time it can be very challenging. Well if you remember playing the game ( Who doesn't ) you may be interested to know that as of today, Superpi2 has made available Super Mario Bros. S; a collaborative fangame, meant to embody the spirit of modern Super Mario platformers while utilizing the styles of older titles playable through your Browser or as a download.

Now this fan game doesn't just feature 13 new levels, but a total of 17 levels, 53 moons, 1-Temple, a non-linear bonus stage with lots of moons to grab, a playable Super Leaf and Raccoon Mario, Toadette and Toad Houses, Save codes for export to future versions, as well as lots of bug fixes. So yes if you loved playing Super Mario Bros and want to play to play a new fan game either at home or ahem at work, make sure to give Super Mario Bros. S a try...Nintendo might just take it down!

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  1. I always got the ease that this was a U.K.-based site what with all the Spectrum and Amstrad stuff. So my question is... you say you played it all those years ago in America. Did you used to live there?


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