DRex The Drunk Dinosaur - Another T-REX game appears and this one is for the Amiga via RPI!

Another Amiga game has appeared in our inbox and if you remember all the Chrome easter egg inspirations we've featured throughout the last few years, then you may be interested to know that a new game has arrived on the Amiga called DRex - The Drunk Dinosaur. A game whereby playing as a dinosaur, you have to jump over lots of painful objects while drinking energy boosters to beat your previous high score. To coincide with this news, there's a new video to watch as a first look to the game of DRex through Retro Programmers Inside.

The original game as an Easter Egg in Chrome was actually a mini game featuring a T-Rex dinosaur, that's only accessible when you're disconnected from the internet. This game however which has its roots based around the endless run of a Chrome game, doesn't just feature obstacles as mentioned above, but also a power up that gives you extra running energy.  In light of this news, if you enjoyed this game, there is also another game that's even more enjoyable by Maciej Małecki, Zuza Małecka and Ola Małecka called T-Rex 64.

Written in "C" using the "Planar" Framework by Lorenzo di Gaetano, Music & GFX by Lorenzo di Gaetano. It is an Amiga OCS game, so it also runs on an Amiga 500 plus with 1 mega of ram, but the ideal configuration is on Amiga 1200.

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  1. What's the point of this game. Horrid graphics and pitchy sound samples.

    1. Basically if you hate repetitive endless games like Flappy Bird, you'll hate ones like this too lol - PS this game doesn't do it for me either ;)

    2. It's just a simple endless game made for a challenge. BTW I think graphics is nice, smooth and have a smooth parallax scrolling. It's absolutely not bad for a game jam game.


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