Ramiro el Vampiro III - Find the bloody mushrooms in this new Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum game from The Mojon Twins

We were a bit late on this one but it's still worth mentioning even on a Sunday, as thanks to another heads up by Saberman who has just posted a gameplay video for both versions, he has told us that The Mojon Twins has released the Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum game of Ramiro el Vampiro III. This game available as a name your own price, puts you in control of Ramire the vampire on a quest to collect some bloody mushrooms from the forest near Cheshire (province of Badajoz).

Here is what the website describes about the games : " Ramire was making peace with her daughter. To get on well with her, Ramire allows his daughter to bring a friend to a slumber party. The girls are having a real good time doing Rick Astley playbacks and hanging from the lamps, but soon enough they feel really hungry. It is well know that the best food for adolescent vampires is a good dish of bloody mushrooms from the forest near Cheshire (province of Badajoz)".

"There are quite a lot of bloody mushrooms in the forest, but can be collected only during daylight. Luckily enough, the rearm charm is still working so Ramire is able to stay a while under the sun rays. But not for long, remember? Besides, his friend the Wimpy Wizard, has told him about a special kind of mushrooms. There are four of them and grow in the crypts beneath the forest: the four mushrooms with tetas. So Ramire decides not to get back home until he gets 10 bloody mushrooms and 4 mushrooms with tetas".

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