Bomb Jack Remake - Arcade classic is getting an Amstrad CPC remake via Anthony Flack

I can still remember in the late 80's on my Amstrad CPC 464 playing the brilliant Arcade port ' Bomb Jack '. It is a game that required you the player to high jump and float about getting rid of all the bombs on the screen before they are used to blow up historic places of interest, which is made more difficult by the enemies on screen. So why is this game getting another mention? Well we've just been contacted by XeNoMoRPH via our inbox, that this great game from back in the day, is getting an Amstrad remake by Anthony Flack!

Remake starts at 2mins in - Link

Although I feel there is nothing wrong with the Amstrad CPC version from back in the day, from what we can tell about the remake however is. Not only will it have an original Arcade title screen, but improved animations, Arcade like enemy sprites including the main character, level graphics more in line with the Arcade version, and so so much more to make this a rather cool remake indeed! Just be aware there is no music or sound effects just yet in the video shown above.


  1. Great use of mode 1 and stippling.

  2. 16 bit quality .. Atari ST .. heh.

  3. Really good as it can be. Arcade! Sure the old version is still great too, how it move and play, the loud sound noisy fx is really what i liked on CPC, when you can eat them.

  4. Very good use of the four-color hi-res mode & the vertically extended screen for almost 1-to-1 arcade perfection!

    Anthony Flack - that's the guy who did the early 00s horizontal shooter Platypus. A very early succesful retro/indie/casual (your pick) game with gorgeous claymation graphics. Musically it consists of several C64 remixes from the late 90s Back In Time albums by Chris Abbott.

    Intriguing ...

  5. amazing! can you port this to C64 too please 😭

    1. That is a great idea! There was a C64 homebrew port being made, but it hasn't been updated in a very long time and never had a release. Anthony is an amazing programmer, lets hope he ports it.

  6. That looks the dogs bollocks


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