Rastan - An Alpha update to a fabulous WIP Amiga 500 and above Arcade game!

It feels like it was only yesterday that we announced that Taito's 1987 Arcade game of 'Rastan' was coming to the Commodore Amiga, thanks to the hard work of basementApe. Well fast forward to today and we have some more news for this Arcade development using Earok's excellent Scorpion Engine. As Saberman has informed us that an Alpha update of Rastan has been made available for you to try on your Amiga or via emulation. To coincide with this news, Saberman has also done a new gameplay video showing this alpha version in action.

Here is what Mobygames says about this excellent game back in the day "Rastan features five levels of hacking and slashing gameplay with a boss at the end of each level. Numerous enemies assault you on your journey such as flying demons, chimeras, valkyries, piranhas, undead and more. Fight through to the end and save the land of Lograth from certain doom. The game features different weapons such as axes, maces and fire swords, each with its own attributes like extended range or attack power. Armour can also be picked up in the forms of shields, cloaks and armour, reducing the damage from enemy attacks. Other items include rings (increase the speed of your weapon) and jewelry for bonus points".

Credits : 

  • Remastered & new graphics: basementApe
  • Music: JMD
  • Code, audio & additional music: basementApe

Alpha Release Notes :

  • - 2nd fire button to jump properly implemented.
  • - Fixed Rastan's castrato death howl. 
  • - Fixed horizontal movement for downward plunges to make them behave the same way regular jumps do.
  • - Fixed AI ledge bug for level 1-B warriors.
  • - Added hard-drive version.
Dev Notes :
  • This one is mainly a bugfix release and will most likely be the last demo release for a while as I focus on adding new content.
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  1. Love it! Tried it on real hardware. Looking forward to the finished version. Keep on the great work!

  2. looks amazing. Rastan was one of my fave arcades back in the day and i always wanted a port for my A500. Torvak never came close as it was a horribly sluggish game with bad music. I was wondering though. Is there a reason why you decided to not implement the ropes on stage 1-b? Is this a memory issue due to the extra animation or something else? Please keep up the great work.

  3. Looks better than the arcade version!

    1. It sure does! Rastan is a great game but it's an early on and chunky pixels abound!


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