Forest of Illusion - Mickey is still coming to the Commodore Amiga/CD32 and it looks super cool!

If you remember playing Castle of Illusion, World of Illusion or Mickey Mania back in the day, then you are going to love this news story we've come across via EAB. As we have just been told that the previously announced 'Forest of Illusion' : A game which is inspired by the Castle of Illusion, World of Illusion and Mickey Mania series. Has just got some brand new Commodore Amiga CD32 footage! A new scorpion engine developed game by DomKid, which has seen multiple improvements and additions to the Ansimuz graphic art!

While it is very early days for this game especially as it is in a beta state. from what we can see via the video above which was provided by DomKid for the Commodore Amiga/CD32. Forest of Illusion will feature not just amazing graphics throughout, but Parallax backgrounds, cute and charming animations, multiple enemy types, and a real nod to those classic Sega Mickey games many of us still love to this day.... So watch this space!

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  1. This looks amazing and the Scorpion engine is getting better by the month

  2. Kommt es auch für den Amiga 500
    oder 1200 raus??

  3. slow! too slow :(

    1. It's micky mouse not sonic lol, mickey games are always slow paced

  4. Looks beautiful, amazing detail! Needs a little more speed.

  5. So it's a port of Castle of Illusion with Mickey Mania animations?

  6. Good looking, guess the graphics are just ripped from their counterparts.

  7. It does seem a little slow, and some things are very choppy (like winding on the chains). However, I watched the Genesis MM games, and they seem just as slow and even more choppy at times


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