Castlevania AGA - Upcoming Castlevania for the Commodore Amiga gets a BIG demo update

Castlevania is certainly a game worth mentioning on Indie Retro News, especially with games mentioned such as the Castlevania 30th anniversary NES facelift, Intellivision, and even the incredible Castlevania Spectral Interlude on the ZX Spectrum. Well today's news is something special indeed, as thanks to another heads up from Saberman, we've been told that Dante Retro Dev has released a new demo build for the upcoming Castlevania AGA : An in development AGA Amiga version which is being created using the excellent Scorpion Engine.

Here's what the developer says about the game "A remake of the 1986 original but with visuals inspired by Castlevania Chronicles and other non-8 bit titles in the series.  The  goal was to provide a playable and pure version of the original Castlevania but with an Amiga flavor. Not a port of the Sharp X68000 or PlayStation "Castlevania Chronicles" game, it only happens to use many level tiles and sprites from that game because it's a practical rendition of how OG Castlevania would look in 16-bit or 32-bit".

  • Adds stages 16 to 18, now featuring the iconic fight against Dracula, the final boss, in the clock tower. Pressing F6 key during gameplay skips to world 6.
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  1. Looks amazing. The dracula battle is one of the most brutal boss fights in any game I ever played. Forget Dark Souls. Nintendo Power gave me the secret so I did beat the game back in the day on my second rental.

  2. Sadly the music still sucks, which is one of my main gripes with this project

    1. Just turn down the sound and listen to some Iron Maiden.

    2. ITs not easy to use 3+1 channels of Paula instead on 8+1 in midi or more. Adding MT-32 support via paraller Raspberry Munt would be amazing :) Music is ok to me :)

  3. Impressive Work with this game , GREAT WORK TO YOU THAT MAKE IT !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Winners don't use AGA!


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