FAITH - Prepare for old school horror, inspired by retro classics.

Airdorf are hoping to scare the hell out of you with their latest game 'FAITH', as it is created in an usual pixel art style to that of old classics such as the Apple II, but with a taste of horror such as Exorcism and even my personal favourite on the Amstrad, Friday the 13th. Currently as a pay what you want, this game is short at only 1-2 hours of play time but promises to be not lacking in atmosphere, creepiness or the stuff of nightmares!

According to the story description, in 1986, two priests arrived at the Martin Family home in rural Connecticut to investigate an apparent case of demonic possession. Only two people would leave the house alive. - Haunted by nightmares and searching for answers, a young priest travels down a dark highway to return to the cursed house a year later!

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