Life of Pixel - Play through the era's of gaming in this unique platformer! [UPDATE]

In May of last year we featured a new Kickstarter that had all of my childhood wrapped up into one neat little platformer, and that game was Life of Pixel by the developer Super Icon. It just looked so damn cool as it had a unique style to it that no other platformer had done at the time. It was a game dedicated to the brilliance of classic gaming machines and had you as a blocked pixel, traversing through 72 levels of retro gaming fun spread over 9 historic systems. As you traverse the levels collecting gems, the game takes on the graphical tone as if you were playing on that very machine! But alas the Kickstarter was cancelled and it looked as if the game was dead.... Until now!!

Today I was sent a very special email as the developers have just announced that Life of Pixel is now available for purchase. The game lives again! Oh how overjoyed I was that I can play this uniquely retroish game. Why is it so good you ask, well factor in that you can play through a multi generation of gaming such as the Atari 2600, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, BBC Model B, Apple II, Nintendo GameBoy, NES & Master System. With each level taking on the tone and feel of that system, it's as if you were playing on the original hardware without emulation. It just works so well and it fits perfectly with the chip tune music. There's so much to this game that it's a worthy purchase and contains everything you'd want in a retro platformer, from moving platforms, destructible platforms, double jumps, gravity inversion and lots and lots of different enemies.

Available for both PC and Mac for only $6.99 here


Through most of last night I had the pleasure of playing this game and let me tell you it's bloody brilliant! From the moment you play the first 8-bit machine available to you it brings back memories of the system you once played, more especially the ZX Spectrum with it's multi coloured 8-bit backdrop and retro tunes. Playing as a little blocked pixel you are tasked with the collecting of diamonds and must collect them all to open the exit, but be warned, as you go through the levels the game ramps up the difficulty. You think the first level was easy try the later ones, as one wrong move and it's a spiked death for you. This is then made even more difficult by adding in enemies, moving platforms, watery traps and much more.

But yet you keep coming back to play, sometimes just staying still just to listen to the 8-bit tune that's currently playing at the time. As you complete the levels more machine eras are unlocked! Don't think you can jump in and play every 8-bit machine as you've got to actually complete the set amount of levels before they unlock.

Thus I highly recommend this game, it's one of the best retro inspired platformers I've played this year so far and what's more I've just been told by the developers themselves, that they are now working on the era of the 16-bit.

Amiga? Yes please!

So that's it for this update, it's time to stop reading and go purchase this fine game, they deserve your support!

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  1. My whole childhood in a one game , maybe except doom , c&c saga and warcraft saga


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