Inherit the Earth: Sand and Shadows - A new Inherit adventure from the original creators!

I could not believe the news today as I was only just recently thinking to myself about that golden adventure game that had you playing as "Furries" in a adventure game like no other. And that game was Inherit the Earth: Quest for the ORB, a multi-platform adventure that made a popular appearance on the Amiga & PC. It was just a shame it never got the official recognition it truly deserved (I for one loved it). But the good news today is, thanks to Tom Turrittin who has a soft spot for Inherit, he has informed me that the original creators Wyrmkeep Entertainment have announced through Kickstarter, Inherit the Earth: Sand and Shadows, a sequel to the original!

Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb

Inherit the Earth was a point and click adventure game and webcomic series set on a future Earth where humans have mysteriously disappeared and the dominate inhabitants are tribes of anthropomorphic animals, or as people call them nowadays, "Furries". 

If I remember the story through my growing up of playing the original. You played as Rif, a fox who was falsely accused of having stolen the Orb and your task was to find the real thief of the orb, save your girlfriend and basically win the day. It was a brilliant game with some well thought out puzzles and I felt it was nearly as good as the greats such as legend of kyrandia. However some would probably disagree with me, but I would highly recommend you play the original. 

According to the developers, the sequel Inherit the Earth: Sand and Shadows takes place after both the original game and the webcomic story Little Wolf Lost.  The developers also state that the sequel will feature enhanced adventure detail and will be available for Windows, Mac, and other platforms. For those that are concerned, especially "purists" you can be rest assured that Sand and Shadows can be enjoyed once again by the entire family and will be an enchanting adventure for all to enjoy, just like the original.

I for one cannot wait for this game, I've been longing for a sequel for a very long time and thanks to the original developers, it looks as if my childhood can be relived once more!
Windows Preview (Vista or later) - download and expand the ZIP file, then click on setup.exe to install
Mac  Preview (10.6 or later) - download and mount the disc image, then copy the demo to your Applications folder

So head on over to the Kickstarter page and pledge as they need $160,000 to be a success!


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