WinUAE 2.9.0 Beta 14 - QEMU PPC is still work in progress

Development is still progressing as Toni Wilen has now released WinUAE 2.9.0 Beta 14 of the best in Amiga emulators. Unlike the previous beta which contained only a handful of fixes this one is a pretty big update and also has some code restructuring. Please note though that QEMU PPC emulation is still work in progress and QEMU-side is not yet included. For those of you that want the latest in beta updates, check out the latest change log and download.

Beta 14:

QEMU PPC is still work in progress (by Frode and me), QEMU-side is not yet included. It run for the first time few days ago. It is not stable enough yet but hopefully soon...

- Autoconfig stopped immediately after first A590/A2091 board was configured.
- If VHD check/validation failed after VHD type was fetched (static vs dynamic), VHD was still accepted as valid, possibly crashing soon after. HDF type variable was not cleared, bug since VHD support was added.
- Automatically extend internal SCSI emulation buffer size if larger than current buffer size transfer is requested.
- If 68060 and "Unimplemented CPU emu" is ticked: 68060 unimplemented instructions that are completely unimplemented (CHK2/CMP2/CAS2/MOVEP) still triggered illegal instruction exceptions.
- 68000/010 configuration with 32-bit address space is now allowed.
- Blizzard 2060 ROM loading special case handling didn't work. (Has odd/even parts, others don't)
- Redesigned GUI SCSI expansion ROM selection, easier to add new boards in future.
- Fastlane Z3 SCSI board emulation implemented, another FAS216 based SCSI controller. z3scsi.device from in rom scanner, but it would be nicer to have full dump. SCSI part only, memory part ignored.
- Oktagon 2008 SCSI board emulated. This was interesting, it has "software DMA" (SCSI chip is told to do DMA transfer but "DMA controller" is IO space that CPU reads or writes), it also have 512 byte serial EEPROM used to store config (with only 15 bytes used). EEPROM data is internal, not saved to any file. 6.12 (last release?) boot ROM added to rom scanner. Autoconfig data is currently not confirmed. Support added only because it was quite different than most other SCSI controllers.
- TekMagic 2040/2060 board added. 1.0 tekscsi2.device ROM added to ROM scanner, both odd/even pair and merged rom supported. NOTE: tekscsi2.device has a bug that does not allow RDB filesystem loading. Fast RAM expansion is not supported, it seems TekMagic fast RAM can also start from 0x02000000, not the usual 0x08000000. tools/showconfig output needed.
- NCR53C710 SCRIPTS DMA wasn't correctly started when in manual start mode. (tekscsi2.device)
- Added support for non-MMU bus error caused by invalid memory accesses, including 68000/010/020 models which normally can't generate bus errors but perhaps some expansion hardware will need it in future.
- Screenshot with D3D shader filter + take screenshot before filtering ticked saved final D3D output, not original unfiltered buffer.
- "SCSI (auto)" now works with all SCSI boards. Selects first SCSI board that is enabled. (In same order as select menu lists SCSI controllers)

Some code restructuring:

- Autoconfig board handling rewritten yet again, removed lots of code duplication and moved most duplicated autoconfig logic from board specific files to common expansion.cpp.
- Autoconfig board ROM config handling reorganized, now it is much easier to add new Z2/Z3 boards.
- Replaced my hacky serial EEPROM emulation with better one from QEMU, made it generic (previously only used in CD32 emulation).
- Removed A590/A2091 and A4091 Expansion panel checkboxes, enable/disable is now ROM selection. (ROM selected = enabled, ROM selection empty = not enabled)

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Remember to make it a portable edition in another folder by creating a new blank WinUAE.ini file in your unzipped beta folder as not to screw over the previous final install.

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