Hunter HD - Action/Adventure classic gets a remake!

Let's go back in time, right back to 1991 when Activsion released 'Hunter' for the Amiga and Atari ST. An action-adventure game that by today's view point would be classed as a Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto and Far Cry mix. Expansive, open worlds, a military theme, and the focus on small squads of soldiers or lone heroes. A high grade 3D game with sandbox-type game play, developed by Paul Holmes and music by Martin Walker. If you remember the title, you'll be very pleased to know that there is now a Hunter HD (Fan Remake) proof-of-concept that is in the works by Cherno, that is also playable in your browser right now.

As you can see when you play this version, it is only a proof-of-concept with some basic functionality. You can move around the world (but not swim yet!), pick up a pistol and fire at things, enter vehicles and cruise around, and use the tank to blow stuff up, resulting in nice polygon explosions.  The running animation is crap, the vehicle physics are dogdy (try exiting a vehicle while it turns  ), and there is no hit indication for the tank shells, but I hope you can see that with a few improvements here and there, the classic game Hunter can be made into a truly great game

As someone who has played this fine game when I was a teenager, I never actually read how to play it nor really cared. All I cared for was finding the best vehicle and using it to speed around the islands. My favourite being the car for speeding over hills and humps and then crashing the car into the sea. I had more enjoyment out of it than many other games that were action-adventure genres.

Available to play online or download, but remember it's the first version and not finished!
Here's the offline version for those who don't want to install the Unity Player plugin for their browser. Just extract into a directory of your choice / run Build001.exe.
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