Lunar Jetman Remake - ZX Spectrum original gets a fantastic PC overhaul!

Finally after all this time of waiting in excitement, James of Nebula Design has just contacted me to tell me the faithful PC remake of the hit ZX Spectrum classic "Lunar Jetman" is now available to play! First developed by Ultimate Play The Game in 1983 and the second in the Jetman series, this was one of the most highly regarded classics of it's time as you play as Jetman to locate and destroy (with the bomb) a series of alien bases on the surface of the moon. Now you can play the Windows version in all HD 1080p graphical glory, with smooth parallax scrolling and 1 or 2 players. A brilliant remake, for a brilliant classic!



Code: J.Roberts (Bastich)
Graphics: K.Saunders (Invent)
Music: S.Lamb (Deathboy)
XM Play routine: uFMod
It requires a DX11 capable system but TBH its very low spec on what it needs (Intel 3000 minimum which is pretty low). The only thing really missing is a nice installer as it just comes as a 7z archive file ATM.
Please use the comment system below to post bugs, thank you

Updates from the developer :

Click here to download Lunar Jetman
Click here to get the latest DirectX redistributable
Click here for infomation on the missing DLLs



  1. Just tried it on the other system, the mac and error : TwoD_Shader ( Failed to create vertex shader )

  2. Hi, that would imply the hardware does not support the required vertex/pixel shader model. If you look in the sys_log.txt file (same directory as the exe) there may be more information.

  3. Yeh the Mac isn't the best, will need to test it on the main machine tomorrow :)

    JEng5 DX11 startup....

    Getting video harware infomation...

    Hardware name "ATI MOBILITY RADEON X1600"

    Memory available

    Video memory 126MB

    System memory 0MB

    Shared memory 1065490432MB

    Create Sampler Manager... OK

    Create Shader Manager.........

  4. Just did a quick check and that GPU only supports model 3 and JEng5 needs model 4 or above.

  5. I've got a message "Unable to find a resolution 1280x720" on my laptop :(

  6. Open sys_log.txt, pick one of the listed resolutions and insert that information into the config.txt file. I probably should make it default to a more standard resolution.

  7. Ive updated the 7z file on my web page so that the default resolution is now set to 640 x 480. This should avoid the problem where my previous default resolution could not be found (1280 x 720).

  8. Many thanks James. What a wonderful game !!

  9. That's certainly a possibility. I had intended on merging Jetpac and Lunar Jetman but in the end decided to just do LJM. I may return to the idea in the future mind.

  10. LJM download link on the web page has been updated to v1.2
    - Loading and Completion screens added
    - 4:3 aspect ratio graphics fix

  11. Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg31 January 2015 at 15:53

    I want Moon Alert!


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