Catacomb Kids - Frantically cool roguelike platformer, now in early access!

It's a Monday and what better way to start the week than playing Catacomb Kids by FourbitFriday ; a roguelike platformer that is more than just your average indie game. It's a cool rougelike in which you have to combine quick reactions, tactical engagement and strategic character growth to overcome the challenges ahead. Furthermore this game also features procedurally generated dungeons, lots of cool items and deadly traps which can also be used to your advantage!

But to further wet your appetite apart from the lovely loot is being able to wield swords, spears, axes, hammers and daggers while unleashing powerful magic to roast or freeze your enemies. But what really appealed was the ability to use certain objects to your advantage in different ways. Can't get past that river of lava? Use the blobs and stick your way up the walls. Enemy in your way? Blind them with the blob and smash the enemy into lots of lovely gibblets. Just check out these cool gifs.

So far Catacombs even at such an early stage is looking very good indeed, it takes the rougelike and platformer and adds lots of gaming extras that will have you coming back for more.

Catacombs is available now in early access for PC, Mac and Linux, in which you can help the development of the game and look forward to further features ahead! The game's development is also Livestreamed every Monday from 3-6PM PST, at

Steam Page
Main Website
Website itch io

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