Construct 2 Coin-op Jam - Create an arcade game in 6 days!

If the #adventurejam wasn't to your liking, especially if you prefer Platformers or Shoot em ups, then how about the Construct 2 Coin-op Jam (#construct2coinop), which ends in 6 days from this posting. If you remember Arcade games such as Donkey Kong or Pacman, then this is the jam for you! Using Construct 2, you must create a game that should hopefully hold the quality of an old school coin-op game such as those classics we fondly remember.

The judges of the jam include Ed Farias aka ArcadEd, Alvaro aka Alavrop and Andrew Augustin aka DatBoiDrew. So make sure to follow the rules and hopefully those judges will vote your game up as a top Construct 2 Coin-op Jam game!


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