Dizzy The Last Hero - Mind blowing quality for a Dizzy game release!

It may be midnight here in the UK but boy do I have a treat for every Dizzy gamer or retro gamer alike, as trz has released what we would class as a very high quality Dizzy game. Weighing in at nearly 20mb in size and having one of the best main intro soundtracks I've heard, 'Dizzy The Last Hero' sets the stage for a winning Dizzy Age Easter competition entry for 2015.

The story once again follows the adventures of Dizzy and his puzzle solving antics. But guess who's back! It's that annoying Zaks and he has not only ruined the May festival by locking the YolkFolk into a Sewer but he's called upon the undead and the evils of the graveyard to give Dizzy the best of welcomes.

Thus begins our Dizzy adventure and wow what an adventure you'll have! The graphics and detail is just mind blowing for a Dizzy game, from the high quality backdrops to the detailed cars, buildings and other objects throughout the Dizzy landscape. The enemies are also varied enough to keep even the most hardy gamer occupied such as the grumbling skeleton or the laughing witch that must be avoided by determination and skill.

But what is a Dizzy game without puzzles, sure enough 'Dizzy The Last Hero' will have plenty of those, as any objects found will need to be used in certain areas to move on. Thankfully with everything going on, the developer has provided three lives, yet this is one Dizzy title that is not only great fun to play, it's one hell of a challenge!

Author: trz
Programmers: trz, Dr. Titus

So download it today for free, you'll not want to miss this! - Cheers for the heads up Adam Markey of YolkFolk.com


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