GBJAM 4 - Game Jolt game development jam in a Game Boy style

If creating C64 games for the 2015 C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition isn't to your liking, then we have just the #GBJAM for you. It is of course Game Jolt's 'GBJAM 4', in which people around the world have been given the opportunity to create any game they wish, as long as it looks like a Game Boy game in 4 colours, with a screen resolution of 160px x 144px. So if you've got the creativity and want to have a go, make sure to place your entry from August 8st - August 18th, with closing dates by August 18th at 23:59.

Links :   1) GBJAM 4 Website     2) Game Entry Page     3) The Team

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