Dungeons - Upcoming multiplayer mobile dungeon adventure

Anthony Ball of Sinistersoft has been keeping me up to date with his current project 'Dungeons', a very familiar style of multiplayer (up to 8) 2D scrolling dungeon adventure with different classes of player (Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard and Elf SORRY Pirate, Dwarf, Queen, Archer, Magician, Knight, Barbarian, Fairy) which often at times may need food... badly... And we've been getting a sneak peek at the alpha builds of it.

Yes, That's right, Dungeons is a clone of that firm fave classic, Dandy Dungeon, which was also the inspiration for the Gauntlet series of games. Anthony has been filling twitter and facebook with the progress being made, with more and more features (and bloody gore) being added almost daily. 

While I've been privy to the the published alpha builds, they are far behind the current state of development, with multiplayer handled by both multi controller support (on android, just plug in an OTG cable, USB hub and 7 controllers and Bingo! 8 player co-op) and a slave device connected wirelessly to have another virtual D-pad at this stage, my alpha has very simple mechanics of player and enemies moving around screen with functioning weapons, but the latest progress videos does show some interesting lighting effects and more rich gameplay.

One of the interesting things about Dungeons will be the planned monetization method. Anthony wants to keep it strictly old school. The game will be a free download, but will be just like an arcade coin-op with each player requiring a quarter credit to play.  The details are still to be finalised but unlike the arcades of the '80s, a credit will likely be something like $1 for 50. It's still early days yet though so more traditional ad-funded versions may well still come along.

Dungeons is being developed cross platform, and will be available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and even Raspberry Pi, with an anticipated release around September

More WIP videos can be found on the Sinistersoft youtube channel



1) Dungeons facebook group
2) Dungeons android alpha testing program
3) Sinistersoft website

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