Putty Squad - Over 20 years and now it's the Amiga CD32's & Mega Drive's turn!

Originally intended for release in the early 90s for the Amiga with the Sega Mega Drive and MS-DOS versions being unpublished and only a SNES version coming to retail. Putty Squad features old-skool gameplay and arcade platforming action that showcases the creativity the Amiga platform was renowned for. While Putty Squad was later made available for modern consoles and is a re-imagining of a classic game by System 3, The Amiga sourced version wasn't actually released until Christmas Eve, 2013, making Putty Squad for the Amiga the most authentic Putty experience available. But that's not all! As now it's the Amiga CD32's turn, as Psygore, Galahad, Earok & Codetapper have made available the CD32 version with a very special bonus on top!

Yes indeed, Putty Squad is ready to be loaded up on the CD32, as Earok has said on the site; The Amiga version eventually did see a release to the public, thanks to system 3 for allowing a release and Galahad for putting in the time, effort and his skills requiring to master it. However CD32 owners who have been drooling through all these months for this version to happen, will be grateful to Psygore for this release! Also to note, this game actually works on a stock Amiga CD32, with a CD32 specific control scheme, trainers and a high score saving to NVRAM to boot "WOW!".

But wait there's more! As in the download link is another gem of a game, that hasn't been shown on the main website and this is another Psygore special. Who has also converted another one of John Twiddy's high well received AGA titles to CD32 that features the love and attention Putty Squad has received, but as it's a secret you'll just have to download, load up and found out!

CD32 conversion featuring code by : Psygore, Galahad and Codetapper
Cover + Control Screens : Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Links : 1) Source 2) Discussion 3) Download 4) Amiga/PC Version

And now for the Sega Mega Drive....

Right at the top of this article we mentioned the fact that the Sega Mega Drive version was an unpublished game, and the fact the Amiga version didn't get a release until late 2013. Well the news just gets better and better, as last month Mad Mohan, a user of Sega-16, released the long-lost Mega Drive version of Putty Squad, as a downloadable leaked Rom. Apparently, the prototype was bought on eBay by the Nolan brothers, then sold to a Sega-16 member who has dumped the ROM and quietly released it after a mention in the Sega-16 forums.

Unlike the Amiga late release and the Amiga CD32 version however, this game according to the forum member seems not to be finished, with a few glitches in later levels and no ending. But if you want to try the game out, you can atleast download it below.

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Download (Registration Required)

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