Robocop +8DFHIR - Nostalgia bug fixes a mighty C64 game!

I cannot believe we nearly missed out on this great Nostalgia C64 scene release and if it wasn't for our good friend Asger Bonnevie we probably would have!  Let me just shout the game name out in large caps to grab your attention 'ROBOCOP'. That's right retro heads this is Robocop originally published by Ocean in the 80's, that's once again available for the C64, but this time has been fully bug fixed, NTSC fixed, a damn fine trainer added, and a brilliant intro by Nostalgia themselves!

In my opinion I prefer the overly bright and intense Amstrad colours, but the smooth scrolling action packed C64 release, to protect the innocent and deal justice to those that would cause you harm certainly has it's charm. But what really stands out from every original is that game soundtrack, which sounds awesome through a C64 SID! Now the game is bug fixed with all the other bits listed at the top, this one game you've just got to download and play!

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Website

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