Frogger II - Three Deep +4D - Hokuto Force trainers another popular classic!

While we wait for the upcoming Arcade C64 remake of Konami's 1981 Arcade classic of Frogger. The scene guru's Hokuto Force have recently released Frogger II - Three Deep +4D for the C64. Originally developed by the Parker Brothers and published by Sega Enterprises in 1984, Frogger II is the sequel to the first game and although it features very similar gameplay with your Frog character having to reach the top of the screen with each berth, this one features three consecutive screens for each level rather than one per level.

Now if you've already played Frogger you probably know what to expect with this game, you must guide your frogs across the water, avoiding nasties and reaching each segment at the top. But in this one, the first level you swim across avoiding anything with teeth and grabbing bubbles for points, and in the second one which seems to be far out to sea, you must hop across each object such as ducks to reach the safety hoop at the top. But what really confused me was hopping on to the back of the swan! If you are able to get on top of one, you are suddenly transported into the sky and are able to hop across the clouds.... How odd!

But anyway this is a lovely little game and so much fun to play, if a little odd during the part explained above. So download it and play and give thanks to Hokuto Force for another fine release and trainer!

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