Pac-Man 2.0 - Neave Games remakes an arcade classic!

One game that many people remember throughout the world by both the young and the old, is the Arcade game of Pac-Man from the 1980's. It put you in control of Pac-Man through a maze, eating all the pac-dots, avoiding ghosts and moving on to the next stage. It is still loved to this day with many different remakes available each with their own idea of what Pac-Man should be like, some are good and some are downright awful. Today's game is Pac-Man 2.0, which is Neave Games take on the classic, that is freely available to download and play!

Even though this is a remake, in terms of graphic quality and it's available for the PC which runs through a single exe, the core of the game play and sound is superb which really brings home those arcade memories and stays as close to the original as possible. But what is really disappointing is the control detection, which isn't very smooth in the most heated of moments. So if you think you're pressing down to escape a ghost, your Pac-Man will keep on going, which usually ends up with a life lost. But other than that I can't fault this version of Pac-Man and I'd highly recommend to give it a download!

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