The Story of Ocean Software: "The Biggest Games Company in the World" - By Kim Justice

I was just trawling the forums looking for the latest news and came across a new video that is sure to appeal to a vast majority of our readers. This is a brand new documentary by Kim Justice on the entire history of Ocean Software, from start to finish. As Kim says : The early days with Imagine, the glorious success that Robocop bought, plus Batman to Daley Thompson, Cobra to Frankie, Jurassic Park to the Addams Family...and finally to the end. Gary Bracey once said that Ocean were the biggest games company in the world. As such if you want to know nearly everything there is to know about " Ocean " who I'd class as one of the greats, you should seriously watch this video!

Special thanks to Chris Wikins and Roger M. Kean for their brilliant book "Ocean Software - The History" LINK

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