Frontier Elite II - Space Sim classic gets an Elite Dangerous intro remake

Here at Indie Retro News, we've always had a soft spot for Elite ever since the original 1984 release and then the fantastic sequel 'Frontier Elite II' on the Amiga in 1993. Each one vastly different in graphical quality, but still giving a space-sim sci-fi experience like no other allowing the user to fight in space, trade, complete missions and even in Frontier Elite II land on planets. They are such good games we even did a full write up located (here), however last year a user by the name of FuZion DCA remade the Frontier: Elite 2 intro using the Elite Dangerous game engine which is the newest Elite game in the series released in 2014.

A most impressive intro remake indeed with over 19 hours of recording, 18 hours of editing and 28 hours on the title sequence. But if you have been living in a cave all these years and haven't heard of Frontier Elite II, here is a short snippet from our 2012 write up :

"In 1993 we finally had a sequel and it was called Frontier Elite II. As we were sometime ahead in system development, everything was upgraded. No longer limited by BBC/ACORN system power and lower graphical ports, they had the full potential of the Amiga, Atari and IBM systems. Yes the original Elite was on those systems too but we are years ahead now. Frontier Elite II was very similar it had to be, however the first thing you will notice are the graphics. The graphics engine was very advanced for its time, featuring curved polygons, and texture mapping in the PC version.  You can also land on planets which blew me away, imagine going from system to system, trading in space stations then landing on planets and doing the same".

Links : 1) Article  - Thanks Alistair Brugsch for the heads up!

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