SEGA classic Sonic the Hedgehog on the NES? Oh yes!

Through all these years of playing on old consoles and computers with some of the very best and worst games developers had to offer, there's always something out there that I've never heard of before. Thus here we are with the classic and well loved Sonic the Hedgehog, but this time it isn't on any SEGA device, but on the NES as an improved and more playable HACK version in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic on the NES ( Old Footage )

Now like me there are probably a good few people out there that didn't know Sonic actually appeared on the NES, well that's probably because it wasn't a legal version and regarded as a pirate release. As the research tells it, this was a pirate version of the original video game, and originally had the main character as Mario ( Somari ) produced for the Famicom by Ge De Industry Co in 1994. It was an almost accurate simulation of Sonic produced to an 8bit cartridge with many of the features of Sonic still intact, hence why much later the Somari sprite was finally changed over to Sonic.

But sadly there were many major issues with this unoffical version from way back in the 90s, it had lots of glitches, bad controls, awful music and terrible physics. But now thanks to a member by the name of 'the jabu', he has fixed many of these problems as a new HACK of the Somari (Unl) [p1].nes ROM. Sound good right? Well I certainly think so, as I for one never knew an unofficial pirated edition actually existed until today, and I seriously can't wait to try it out!

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